US/UK Sale ends July 15 – 50% off #science #scifi #kindle @scifirtg

CD-Vol1+2 (103)

Pandemic Mysteries – Kindle Sale. Stand-alone novels on sale.
Book 1: Darwin’s Paradox: An international science mystery –
Book 2: Plague of Equals: An international science thriller –
Excerpts from 5-star Goodreads review for DARWIN’S PARADOX:

Unlike a lot of science thrillers, this one mostly gets the science right, and the science does not dominate the main theme: that solving critical, worldwide problems can be done by means other than massive government programs.

The disparate characters and cultures are handled well from the perspective of an American reader, we’ll wait and see what the rest of the world thinks. It does point up the benefits of education and the pursuit of science worldwide–it shouldn’t be just for privileged first-world because we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Kindle, and free on KU and KOLL. US/UK Sale ends July 15


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