US/UK Sale ends July 15 – 50% off #chemistry #SFRTG #bookboost @scifirtg

CD-Vol1+2 (108)

Pandemic Mysteries – Kindle Sale. Stand-alone novels on sale.
Book 1: Darwin’s Paradox: An international science mystery –
Book 2: Plague of Equals: An international science thriller –

Excerpts from 5-star Amazon review for DARWIN’S PARADOX: I very much enjoyed this near-future science fiction novel [with] its comprehensive world view.

As the best fiction does, this book works to educate as well as well as to entertain, with true detail about daily life in the novel’s various settings, the process of science, challenges of management,…

There is rich, resonant character development and much curiosity about the nature of the human condition. In its understated way, this novel wonders at the fact that some of the most vibrant humans are nurtured in some of the planet’s toughest environments.

Kindle, and free on KU and KOLL. US/UK Sale ends July 15


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