US/UK Sale ends July 15 – 50% off #science #SciFi #IARTG #ASMSG #amazon

CD-Vol1+2 (105)

Pandemic Mysteries – Kindle Sale. Stand-alone novels on sale.
Book 1: Darwin’s Paradox: An international science mystery –
Book 2: Plague of Equals: An international science thriller –

GOODREADS REVIEWS for Plague of Equals

Excerpts from Goodreads reviews (4.5 stars):

“This is not your ordinary international suspense thriller.”

“It kept me reading, and it kept me guessing.”

“It’s got all the stereotypes, but beware of falling into the trap of thinking the stereotypes are valid.”

“Having a scientific background and (full disclosure) working in the drug development/clinical trial field, … It is a fascinating hypothesis and one I did NOT see coming.”

“It certainly is surprising, and a welcome relief from the usual thriller ending. The science is pretty interesting, and the writing makes it more so. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.”

Kindle, and free on KU and KOLL. US/UK Sale ends July 15


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